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Tasty Recipes

If you're looking for a little inspiration, then try some of the recipes below and let us know how you get on with them! They all feature our products which we're extremely proud of, and can assure you that they'll compliment your recipes brilliantly.

Dill Sauce
A glorious recipe for the most deliciouss poached salmon, accompanied by cucumber and dill sauce. You'll love this if you're a fan of salmon so why not give it a try!
Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Mayonnaise
Phew! The title for this recipe is a mouthfull, and so is this recipe! A delicious, mouthwatering mouthfull that you'll just love if you're a fan of this sort of thing. Here we have the recipe for grilled peppercorn beef sirloin sandwiches, topped off with our very own delicious sun-dried tomato & basil mayonnaise.
Tartare Sauce
Tartare Sauce - a traditional sauce for white fish and particularly breaded or fried fish dishes. You'll find that our tartare will perfectly compliment the breaded fish in the below recipe. Once you've tried this recipe yourself, let us know what you think in the comments section for others to enjoy too!
Hollandaise Sauce
Perfect with freshly steamed or oven baked asparagus, garnished with salt and pepper; or alternatively try with baked salmon, trout or crab cakes (to name but a few). Ultimately, you'll find, our Hollandaise is the sauce for Eggs Benedict - it's warmable and so can be served hot or cold - you decide which you'd prefer!