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Some Tasty Recipes incorporating our Condiments

If you're looking for a little inspiration, then try some of the recipes below and let us know how you get on with them! They all feature our products which we're extremely proud of, and can assure you that they'll compliment your recipes brilliantly.

Bearnaise Sauce
Just imagine this for tonight's tea.. A succulent, aged rib of beef, that you can sink your teeth into, smothered with none other than our very own Bearnaise Sauce - the best compliment for this type of dish. Add to the side delicious fried potatoes, and cep mushrooms fried in butter. A true carnivore classic! Read on for the full recipe..
Garlic Mayonnaise
Summer's just around the corner, so you need the perfect idea for an appetizer for those summer even gatherings in the back garden. If you like artichokes, you'll love this recipe for artichokes with butter and garlic mayonnaise.
Blue Cheese Mayonnaise
We all love a burger don't we? Whether it's beef burgers or chicken burgers they are just the best. Here's our recipe for chicken burgers accompanied by Blue Cheese Mayonnaise - perfect for those summer BBQs, they are packed with flavour and are absolutely mouthwatering.
Hot Chilli Mayonnaise
The tastes in this one are kept simple by using fresh tuna and just enough spicy mayonnaise sauce to lift the tuna's flavour. When making hand rolls, we'd recommend that you buy the highest quality nori (Japanese edible seaweed) that you can afford, simply because the nori is such a dominant part of a hand roll's taste and texture. Although nori...